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Baby shower dating game questions

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If you could take a few minutes to quickly answer the questions below, it would help me a lot.I’ll post the final tally when I’ve got enough responses.

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The bride-to-be must then guess the answer to the question.Inspired by the wedding we shared a few weeks ago with the darling image of Paul Allison playing “the wedding shoe game” – we decided to create a fun and fresh new list of awesome questions for you to use at your wedding!Image courtesy of: Chloe Moore Photography via Brides First decide on your list of questions, or better yet have your bridesmaids develop the list so that both of you are completely surprised when they are asked.Ha), but with shoes (and anything with shoes is good, right? How it works is that the bride and groom are set up on chairs with their backs towards one another – try and place yourselves so that the most guests can see you and enjoy the fun.They take off their shoes and exchange one of them (so each has one of the bride’s shoes and one of the groom’s shoes).Glance further to know some fun-filled and exhilarating newlywed game questions.

I’m trying to develop a family feud game for my sister’s baby shower.

Here are 50 fun question ideas for you, although asking 50 during the game might be a little much – we advise to narrow the list down to 20-30 so that the game doesn’t last much longer than 10 minutes. Brooks Studios via Capitol Romance // bobbi mike // Will Pursell Photography via Something Turquoise // Vtran Photography // Moment Junkie Just in case you don’t like the thought of using shoes, you can use flags or something similar.

This is a fun activity that will break up the evening and get everyone belly laughing.

You’ve added some games to the list, but find them insufficient to keep the party rocking.

If your elders happened to watch the legendary television game show called in the 60s and 70s era, then they know what exactly we are talking about.

And if your friend is yet to get married and is organizing a bridal shower, these questions are equally suitable.