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The church surveyed 10 religious institutions and 75 church authorities to uncover the abuse data on priests, non-ordained brothers and sisters, and other church personnel employed between 19. The parishes or communities to which they were moved knew nothing of their past." In one religious order, St John of God Brothers, over 40 per cent of church figures were accused of being abusers.

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The collection is kept in locked glass fronted cabinets but can be used within the Library on exchange of ID. The collection can be borrowed by all registered users of the Library.READ MORE: * Man tells of abuse in Australian Catholic orphanage * Paedophiles allowed to teach in Australian school for a decade "These numbers are shocking.They are tragic and they are indefensible," Sullivan told the commission in Sydney.“As Catholics, we hang our heads in shame," Father Sullivan said, admitting the figures reflected "a massive failure" by the Church to protect children.Anthony and Chrissie Foster said both of their daughters, one of whom has since died, were abused within the Catholic Church.Enjoy your holiday in Oberstdorf at the southernmost tip of Germany online dating thai Take off those hiking boots and get ready for your next adventure.

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The commission – Australia’s highest form of public inquiry – is also investigating abuse at non-religious institutions, including schools and sports clubs.

It began in 2013 and has heard hours of harrowing testimony from alleged victims.

"The Catholic priesthood give God a bad name," Ms Foster told Australian broadcaster, They’re a disgrace. “For so long this has been the way they acted to hide perpetrators, to move them on, with no regard for children whatsoever, that other children have become victims, and suffered this terrible fate." The Commission found of the 1,880 alleged perpetrators from within the Catholic Church, 572 were priests.

The worst-offending institutions were the orders of brothers who often ran schools and homes for the most vulnerable children, with girl victims aged 10.5 on average, while boys were 11.6 years old, the commission's research showed.

Due to the generous ongoing donations by John and Grace Nolan, the collection continues to grow.