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Currently, Crystalens and Trulign Toric IOLs are the only FDA-approved presbyopia-correcting IOLs for cataract surgery that improve near vision by a focusing process called accommodation.This is why they are classified as "accommodating IOLs." Both lenses are manufactured and distributed by Bausch Lomb.

Revised ADA Requirements: Accessible Pools - Means of Entry and Exit | PDFThis publication is designed to help title II and title III entities understand how new requirements for swimming pools, especially existing pools, apply to them.Accommodation is made possible by the lens inside the eye and the circular muscle that surrounds the lens, called the ciliary muscle.The lens and ciliary muscle are connected by a 360-degree series of fibers (called ciliary zonules) that extend from the ciliary muscle to the thin lens capsule (or "bag") that encloses the lens.These hotels have to be certified green by an independent third-party or by the state they are located in.Traditionally, these hotels were mostly presented as Eco Lodges because of their location, often in jungles, and their design inspired by the use of traditional building methods applied by skilled local craftsmen in areas, such as Costa Rica and Indonesia.Questions and Answers: Accessibility Requirements for Existing Swimming Pools at Hotels and Other Public Accommodations Revised ADA Requirements: Ticket Sales | PDF This publication provides guidance on the Department's new nondiscrimination requirements that apply to selling tickets for assigned seats at events such as concerts, plays, and sporting events.

Revised ADA Requirements: Service Animals | PDF This publication provides guidance on the term “service animal” and the service animal provisions in the Department’s new regulations.

Marquise, the manager, went above and beyond to make our stay super comfortable! We had to wait almost 20 minutes for our first room.

He is very friendly, greeting us each time we entered the property; truly made us feel welcome and in a "home away from home." Marquise is first-rate and made our stay amazing! Our second room was not ready until and was not even on the same floor.

believes that interpreters are cultural mediators as well as language experts. We assist your people in understanding the process of any given access option to communication.

ensures that our clients are prepared to use our services by assisting with staff and employee training.

Revised Final Title III Rule: A Compilation of Regulatory Provisions and Guidance -- Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability by Public Accommodations and in Commercial Facilities | PDF This document contains the following: (1) supplementary information (the preamble to the revised regulation); (2) the title III regulation updated to reflect the 2010 revisions and the technical corrections (published March 11, 2011) which became effective on March 15, 2011; (3) guidance on the revised regulatory provisions; and (4) guidance on the original 1991 title III regulation.