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10 college dating tips

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A few years ago you might have been satisfied with the dating rituals of your incubated college town settlement.The hookup and hangout pattern was accepted—or tolerated—as the way relationships existed.

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Most campuses also have a blue light system, where if you're in an unsafe situation, you can find a blue light (it's an actual blue light) near the busy sidewalks and alert the police or sound an alarm.If there is a communal bathroom down the hall, lock your room door as you come and go so there are no surprises awaiting you when you get back.Doors should be locked when awake and when sleeping. I met my husband in college and we’ve been together for more than 20 years. In college, you are (usually) unattached and free to be yourself and learn new things.But now you are older, wiser, and, let’s face it, pretty sick of following those adolescent dating norms. Back in college, dating was non-existent, and it hasn’t really made much of a comeback in our post-grad days.

So if you know what you want, why can’t you just let the little fish go? Getting into the adult dating groove requires us to cast off the bad dating habits of our college days—and this requires some perseverance on our part. Sure, it’s easier to have him meet you out with friends at a local bar, hang out back at his place, or come-hither when he texts “where you at? The old “date” trick is tried-and-true and guaranteed to offer you the intentionality and clarity you so desire.

School should be a safe place where students can study and make friends without fear for their safety.

However, safety measures must always be taken even in the most secure of environments.

Even in college, when you have to worry about classes, exams and essays, usually, you want to make time to find your soulmate. College may be one of the best places to meet that special someone.

It was one of the best and smartest decisions I’ve ever made. When finding someone that interests you, go out for coffee or tea between classes.

Your roommate might have a cute brother, or your teammate may have a sister you like.